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"While Ortiz has stuck to a formula for his three [now four] restaurants (so named for the combination of wife, Ana, and daughter Mia), the outcome is anything but formulaic." — The Fort Worth Weekly

Anamia's Tex-Mex is a place to gather with those that you love and love to be with. Owners Jay and Anna Ortiz bring love to all they do, and it is apparent upon stepping foot into any of their four restaurants.

The first Anamia's opened in 1996 on Sandy Lake Road in Coppell. That modest strip-center restaurant attracted crowds day and night, and diners often waited just inside the door or outside on the sidewalk for a table. From those humble roots, Anamia's added two sister restaurants and gradually grew into a more upscale, yet still friendly and intimate, gathering place. Now, many consider Anamia's to be one of the best Dallas restaurant choices for Mexican food lovers.

Despite the success of his three restaurants, Jay Ortiz has not forgotten his roots, nor the loyal customers that made his expansion possible. Many menu items are named for family members, employees and longtime restaurant friends.

Although traditional in approach to food and guests, Anamia's offers "the new look of Tex-Mex: rich, warm colors; subdued fabrics, creative lighting, and tasteful décor."

Unlike with many Mexican restaurants, Anamia's has "no turn-and-burn vibe. "We're family owned and operated," Ortiz said. "We're not a chain. It's just me and my wife and my daughters." That explains the reasonable prices and comfortable, yet elegant, atmosphere."

Jay, his family and friends invite you to try their catering services or visit any of Anamia's locations to experience delicious Tex Mex for yourself.


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